Pulau Hantu @ $95​

Day-trip (week end)

Located half an hour away from Singapore by boat, Pulau Hantu Pulau Hantu has rich reefs despite its proximity to Singapore. A wide variety of corals can be found on Pulau Hantu, and mushroom corals are particularly abundant in the waters surrounding the islands. Common sea life that can also be found include the clown fish or anemonefish, damselfishes, wrasses and angelfish. The rare giant clam and the seahorse can sometimes be seen. There is a small patch of mangroves between Pulau Hantu Kecil and Pulau Hantu Besar, where native seashore plants also line their beaches.

Country: Singapore

Diving season: November to February


How to sign up?

1. Complete the online registration form

2. Drop by The Dive Company to make a $300 deposit

3. Collect study materials and confirm course schedule

Note: It is preferable to register at least 1-2 weeks in advance

Dive trip includes

1 meal on boat
Up to 2 boat dives
Tanks & weigths
Dive guide services

Dive trip schedule

Saturday / Sundays morning trips

07:00hrs: Depart from Republic of Singapore Yatch Club for Hantu

08:00hrs: Dive 1 and 2

12:30hrs: Return @ Republic of Singapore Yatch Club

Saturdays / Sundays afternoon trips

13:00hrs: Depart from Republic of Singapore Yatch Club for Hantu

14:00hrs: Dive 1 and 2

18:30hrs: Return @ Republic of Singapore Yatch Club

Dive Trips Extras:

+ Equipment rental charges