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Maintenance & Servicing

A scuba regulator is a complex piece of life-support equipment. It represents a considerable amount of investment and value. Over the life of your regulator, contaminates from sand, salt, and chlorine can corrode your regulator, affecting performance and reliability. That's why it is necessary to have your gear serviced regularly.

Scuba gear maintenance & servicingThe Dive Company provides dive equipment maintenance, repair, and assembly to manufacturers specifications performed by qualified technicians.

-    Complete regulator set servicing: from $195 - $230
-    BCD power inflator servicing: $45 - $95
-    Dive computer battery replacement: from $95
-    Hydrostatic/ Visual tests/ O2 Cleaning of tanks
: $75 - $100


​If the dive equipment needs to be replaced or servicing charges exceed the price stated above, we will inform you before proceeding with repairs.

For information, regulator set servicing takes approximately 4-6 days, BCD power inflator servicing takes approximately 2-3 days and dive computer battery replacement comes with pressure chamber testing, and will take 1-2 working days. Express servicing also available upon request.

scuba diving singapore, dive shop singapore, diving singapore